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Oct 02, 2009

WeKillYou’s Goon – Keep Watch Ed. (10.02)


It’s been to long since we’ve seen a new toy release from WeKillYou. Well here he is! New from WKY, they present to you The Goon! The “Keep Watch” version is set to release today at 12PM PST via the WKY Store. Each resin figure is hand made and stands a whopping 6” tall and is in an edition of only 6 pieces at $55 each. Available tomorrow as well will be a few custom 1 of a kind Goons. Check out the story behind The Goon after the jump as well as pics of some of the customs.

The Goon is 2 heads, one small pea brain, and a whole lot of meat. Hired for his skills as a watcher, but no so much a thinker, The goon was originally the best body guard that you could have. Over years of "keeping watch" and being in the sidelines of spotlight with the celebrities that he was guarding, the goons vanity kicked in and he wanted more than anything to be famous himself. So he started to take pills that were suggested to him by a doctor in his email inbox. How this doctor got his email he was not sure, but he figure it must just be his luck seeing as the week before the Prince of Nigeria himself asked him to watch over his millions.
       For weeks the goon took these pills, and all he really noticed was a small bump growing on his neck but figured it must have just been a small side effect and it would go away soon. Oh how wrong he was! The bump grew and grew until till it was the size of his head, Then one morning a single eye and a mouth appeared in it. This was no bump, it was a full fledged 2nd head!!
       Since becoming an oddity he has joined a gang with Grobold and The Boss and uses his strength to help peruse the groups evil efforts.

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