MINDstyle’s 2nd Anniversary Box Set @ SDCC


MINDstyle has just announced their seventh SDCC exclusive and it’s very special indeed.  Limited to 200 sets worldwide, their Second Anniversary Box set features five glossy black and white editions of MINDstyle’s most sought-after mini-figsBuff Monster 3″ by Buff Monster, Mask Mouse Murphy mini (Popaganda Circus Sideshow series) by Ron English, Two Faced Hazel mini  (Scavengers) by Kathie Olivas, Slap Happy mini by Brandt Peters, and Mechtorians mini by Doktor A (each set comes with 1 of six randomly inserted Mechtorians minis).   Having seen these in person, we can say they look great — the glossy finish really makes the black and white color schemes pop.

The 2nd Anniversary Box set features a gorgeous premium fold-open black box with silver printed sleeve and fabric lined interior.  It will be available for $130 at SDCC and directly to ATS members as well.