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Jul 22, 2009

Buff Monster -- Life is Sweet @ SDCC


MINDstyle will release Buff Monster's all-encompassing Life is Sweet art book at their SDCC booth.  We had the chance to check out a printer's proof of Buff's first book and as we flipped through kept thinking wow... everything is in here.  If you're a die-hard Buff Monster fan or simply curious about his work, this is a must.  From his street art beginnings, to his gallery fine art, right on through his numerous art toys, it's all in there.  Studio shots? Yes.  Art WIP shots? Yes.  Proto and unmade toy shots?  Yup.  Toyography ? Yup.

Very well done and packed with great pics (full disclosure -- some are from a toy blog that you know).  In all seriousness and ignoring our blushing vanity, Life is Sweet at $24.95 for 144 8" x 10" loaded pages is worth a long look. 

B17CCC_fullsize F55FE5_fullsize

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