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Jun 05, 2009

Seen: Spiki Release at Urban Outfitters


Nakanari got a hold of some pictures from last weeks Spiki release, thanks to some friends covering the whole show. The turn out looked to be amazing, just as all the artwork. We get to see some awesome crowd shots as well as the pieces contributed by other artists, which represent Spiki in an awesome way. Nakanari, Dave Quilles, and Soujohn looked as if they had a good time as well. More pictures after the release and don’t forget about the AP Spikis releasing at midnight tonight.

3596175295_80058041d5.jpg 3596176271_44a2d49211.jpg 3596177475_b9a4ea122d.jpg 3596180069_46b2ea2e5f.jpg 3596181875_eab497ee4a.jpg 3596182899_3f50238728.jpg 3596184939_f706b6614d.jpg 3596234437_d0eec4f07c.jpg 3596234983_afa1fa11ce.jpg 3596235481_7949f1f1b2.jpg 3596236079_ef8a7647d4.jpg 3596236951_ffb1451055.jpg 3596243859_bb36bfa0c2.jpg 3596246261_47574be8ce.jpg 3596247511_158a1e171c.jpg 3596249003_791c0857ca.jpg 3596252725_0bfc597abb.jpg 3596255981_5662bb8fed.jpg 3596256507_4e773d225d.jpg 3596984776_db021c2ce4.jpg 3596985732_a087c14ca1.jpg 3596987414_91758a083f.jpg 3596988294_355d41e018.jpg 3596990012_69dee8207b.jpg 3596993362_c43aac8d7d.jpg 3596994964_14bbf18daa.jpg 3597045698_1aea33fb4b.jpg 3597046570_d7d86feeed.jpg 3597050070_0c5519411a.jpg 3597051004_49114fa94d.jpg 3597052550_92d031d1dc.jpg 3597053396_48eb22bdb2.jpg 3597063148_cede4aa557.jpg 3597063636_e5ea53ec4d.jpg

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