Jab Strong Fierce – Street Fighter Tribute Show (4.25)

fat one-a 

Do you remember the mania that was SF2 ?  Even if you weren’t so great at ripping Dragon Punches at will (who are you looking at…), you loved playing, wishing you could be better, and actually spent time watching others play in the arcades.  Opening this Saturday, April 25th   Jab Strong Fierce presented by Gallery Nucleus with support from Capcom, I am 8-bit and Udon Entertainment celebrates the classic fighting game that essentially created an entire genre with a group art show as well as a cosplay contest, and a SF4 tourney ($35 entry fee). Check out the official show page for all the info including details on the cosplay contest and the tourney. 

Here's a preview of just a few of the pieces from the show including J. Shea's sweet sculptures (one of which is shown above). What's interesting is the different approaches taken — some artists riffed on specific characters such as Chun-Li while others focused more on the look and spirit of the game.  Come on out this Friday to check 'em all out in person.

210 East Main Street
Alhambra, CA 91801