FX 09: Hand-painted Mr. Spock Stitch


As we wind-down our FX 09 coverage, we have some bonus Stitch news for you.  You’ve seen the custom Stitches from Disney’s Stitch Experiment 626 tour and you’ve seen the six Disney x MINDstyle production stitches which debuted at the show. 

So what’s this ?  In honor of Leornard Nimoy’s appearance at FX, McG (MINDstyle creative group) hand-painted four Mr. Spock Stitches – one as a gift for the iconic actor, with the remainder going to VIPs as gifts.    Mr. Nimoy signed the super rare pieces during the show.   These are not-for-sale and will not be produced. While getting one of these is out of the question, we thought you’d enjoy pics of this super cool Stitch.  Live long and prosper.

7-DSC_1484  6-DSC_1213