Moon Fox by Sergey Safonov


While Sergey Safonov has worked to grow interest in art toys in his native Russia, he’s a talented and creative artist in his own right.  His Gooma resin figure showed off his character creation and design skills.  As a follow-up of sorts,  he’s just unveiled Moon Fox his next toy project.  Featured in the in-progress Gooma book,  Moon Foxes are “mysterious sleeping floating creatures met by Gooma on his way to deep north”.  They float along the moon light and exist solely at night.

The first in the Moon Wanderers series,  Moon Fox was created by Sergey and brought to life through the sculpting services of the Crazylabel prototyping & dev office.  Expect a small run of Moon Foxes this summer from Sergey as he works on them from his home studio.   Future, Moon Wanders are on the horizon.  See more of Moon Fox on Sergey’s Flickr.