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Jan 16, 2009

Kozik Metal Minis from Fully Visual (1.20)

2-mini set kozik-Edit

Update: Date corrected -- Figures drop on January 20th.

Frank Kozik returns to metal with a set of four smorkin’  metal minis from Fully Visual.  The four rogues include Potamous, Sarge, Smokey and of course a Labbit.  Very cool.  As with the vinyl Sarge, the metal one features a removable grenade  pin and handle.  As is the new tradition with Fully Visual metal figs, the set comes in four different metal editions – silver (ed of 60, $99), copper (ed. of 40, $130) and gold (ed. of 20, $160) and an exclusive black nickel edition which will be available directly from Kozik.  FV continues to impress – Sarge has us fired up, too cool.

The Silver, Copper and Gold Kozik Metal Minis drop next Tuesday, January 20th [11 AM PDT] @ Fullyvisual.com.


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