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Dec 23, 2008

Heads Up: DIY MUTT by Tyler


Spied on the Kidrobot Message Boards artist and customizer Tyler has created a new and affordable  Do-It-Yourself platform for all you artists out there. A clever little creation made out of PVC named Mutt

The idea behind MUTT was to create a D.I.Y. that you could not only custom, but could custom build before you even get the toy to achieve more of what want. MUTT, appropriately named, is just that. you can mix and match any accessories giving you more options in the D.I.Y. side of things than were available before. the "shell" itself is an ambiguous shape that lends its self to go any direction you would want to take it.

The possibilities are endless on what you can do with this little guy. Mutt stands 3” tall, 5” long, and 3” wide and gives enough space for anyone to have fun on. Along with the “shell”,which is only $15  you can purchase different accessories as well, which range from $1 for a single piece accessory to $1.50 for a two piece accessory. Mutt gives out a generic dog shape similar to the Budog, but does not give out a DIY feel. If you are interested in picking up you may contact Tyler through the KR message boards or email him here. Pictures of the accessories and possibilities of what can come from this new DIY platform after the jump.

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