Seen: Bispop Holiday ‘08 Party


Tim Biskup held  the fifth Annual Bispop Holiday Party earlier this afternoon @ the Bispop store located inside Johnson Motors in Pasadena.  A nice broad selection of goodies tempted fans and collectors.

On the toy side, the highlight was Tim’s reimagined version of T9G’s Rangeas. In addition to the clear pink production Rangeas, Tim offered up several sweet hand-painted customs of the new figure.  One eagle-eyed collector noticed several previously unseen base colorways of the new toy – so far we know there’s Yellow (released in Japan), Green (used in customs), Red (also seen in customs), Clear Yellow, and GID.

While the focus was on Tim’s Rangeas, he also found time to create customs of several of his previous Kaiju inspired creatures including Dragamel, Alpha Gaichou, and of course the large Pollard.

Tim unveiled several previously unseen paintings for the show including a large number of new Jackson 500 micro-paintings which ran the gamut from his older style to his newer approach and also offered a middle ground.  We shot some pics but you definitely want to check these out in person – many are excellent.  In addition to the smaller paintings there were a few standout larger pieces including the one of Dragmel (originally painted but not shown in his Paris show as the size did not mesh well with the show project theme).

Tim also dropped “Liquid Vampire Wedding” — a hand-colored monochromatic serigraph.  Each one features different colors and is quite nice.

Quite a few artists dropped in to chat with Tim throughout the event  and at least one couldn’t resist doing a little toy shopping.  Seen throughout the day were Touma, Tristan Eaton, Amanda Visell, Michelle Valigura, and Joe Ledbetter

While it would have seemed somewhat absurd about a month ago – the center of the toy universe beats in Pasadena during this holiday season.  VTN is next weekend and two weekends after that, Bwana Spoons will present a very special release in you guessed it — Pasadena.

Click through to enjoy a full gallery of sights from this year’s Bispop Holiday Party.