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Oct 22, 2008

Michelle Valigura’s Owl in Metal (10.25)


Our patented super sneaky (and nosey) Nanobots are at it again.  Here’s their latest report, this time with surprising detail (maybe old ‘bots can learn new tricks) -- Michelle Valigura will release a limited-edition Owl figure in metal for her Creation Mutation show which opens this Saturday, October 25th @ M Modern.  The figure was sculpted, cast and produced by FullyVisual – the masters of metal.  Shown above is a prototype of the final figure (metal sculpt, prior to mold creation and casting). 

The final figures will have a finish similar to other FullyVisual metal pieces (no plating on this one) and each will have different color eyes (inset).  Michelle will also include a limited-edition print on  wood.

More info including pricing, edition size, and pics of the final piece shortly. After the jump, see pics of Michelle’s hand-drawn wood prototype used as a sculpting guide.


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