Seen: Futura’s Strategic Synchronicity


Futura’s massive LA solo, Strategic Synchronicity, opened Thursday night with a VIP event and will continue through the weekend open to the public. Presented by the newly formed and somewhat enigmatic Krunk, the show marks Futura’s reintroduction to the fine art world. 

The setting for the show is a vacant retail spot with soaring ceilings, swanky floors, and unfinished walls – a sorta  swanky urban feel.  The use of huge white wooden  crates as display surfaces is both clever and very much appropriate.  It’s nice without going overboard and it’s got some hints of edge without being a safety hazard.

Futura’s new work is in my opinion very impressive, his massive canvases come alive with energy, color, and motion.  While some may be disappointed to see that the conspicuous graff elements have become increasingly abstract, this new body of work is powerful and must be seen in person to be truly appreciated.    To write it off as “abstract” and thus somehow less important or impactful would be unfortunate. 

In addition to the abstract pieces, the show features a number of iconic Pointman canvases and drawings.  This is reportedly the last hurrah for Pointman.  So if you want an original piece, now is the time.

Speaking of sales, the majority of the art work has sold and at prices that reflect both the tremendous surge of interest in urban art and Futura’s stature and reputation.  Collectors include well-known names and collectors – Mark Parker, Lance Armstrong, and Mike Shinoda to name a few.

Finally, snippets of the upcoming Futura Documentary produced by Krunk were shown on a large screen throughout the evening.  We’re looking forward to its release – an extended look at Futura’s process should be very cool.

The show continues only through this weekend.  So catch it now or regret it later. Be sure to check out our packed VIP opening gallery after the jump.

610 S. Main
Los Angeles CA, 90014