Hideyasu Moto – Utiyamada-kun & Tori-go


New Japanese  toy company Orange Train’s first release is the whimsical Utiyamada-kun and Tori-go vinyl from celebrated Japanese animator Hideyasu Moto.  This toy is drawn from the “Arnold” anime movie/series (?).  The figure is limited to just 50 pieces, measures 17 cm (~ 6.7 inches) tall and will retail for 5880 yen (~ 55 USD).  It drops on October 8th at Mandrake’s Grand Chaos location in Osaka, Japan as part of Moto Hideyasu’s Greatest Hits show.  A new book of Hiedyasu’s collected illustrations will also be released at the show, simply titled Motobook. This Green Colorway is apparently exclusive to Mandrake.

This is a very nice first release – cute and eccentric at the same time.  The combination of organic and mechanical on the swan is very cool (esp. the wings)  We’re curious to see what’s next from Orange Train.