Doktor A – Custom Fortune Teller MADL


There are things we can count on day in day out.  For instance, if you ask vinyl collectors to name the top five customizers in the game, Doktor A will be on every list.  With each new custom, his rep grows.  You’re looking at Blavatski & Son’s Automated Kismet Disseminator a perfectly tuned prognosticating device which will be exhibited to wow the public at the MADL Citizens show opening on October 25th @ LIFT in the Detroit area.

Through his numerous customs, Dok A has unfolded his alternate victorian-era mechanized universe.  We’ve seen armored suits, motorized air ships, and submersibles.  Lately we’re beginning to learn more about the commercial  and entertainment aspects of this world. 

This  sweet fortune teller piece sucks us  into his universe abuzz with wondrous machinery.  The inclusion and execution of cleverly thought out details  from the realistic levers and handles to the detailed printed instructions on the top of the device up the awe factor and  increase believability.  Beyond all that though, the piece is FUN to look at and dream about.   Finally,  the cherry on top here is that Dok loves his work and it shows in numerous ways including  the humorous set of printed fortunes, including the  sassy "You will purchase art from an English Man" one.  Amazing work.   See more of Blavatski and Son’s technical marvel after the jump.

228 W 4th St
Royal Oak, MI 48067