Seen: Project 57 @ Distinction



Last night was the opening reception of Project 57 at Distinction (mentioned here) which was used to bring awareness of Lewy Body Dementia and collect funds for the Lewy Body Dementia Association.  Many amazing pieces were on display at this event which were done on 5×7 canvases and a good amount of people joined in on this awesome cause. PIcs of the event after the jump.

   IMG_8205 IMG_8207 IMG_8208 IMG_8210 IMG_8211 IMG_8212 IMG_8213 IMG_8214 IMG_8215  IMG_8217  IMG_8219 IMG_8220 IMG_8221 IMG_8222 IMG_8223 IMG_8224 IMG_8225 IMG_8071IMG_8073 IMG_8075 IMG_8076 IMG_8077 IMG_8078 IMG_8079 IMG_8080 IMG_8081 IMG_8082