Skeletal Carnival 3 @ Super7


Held on Thursday, Pushead’s Skeletal Carnival 3 was THE event of SDCC for many kaiju collectors.  Pushead hand-picked Mike Sutfin and Usugrow to join in on the creation of wickedness for hard-core collectors.   At 3:39 PM (or so), Pushead removed the curtain hung over the display case containing the object of so many people’s desires — handpaints and exclusive figures.  Small groups of collectors were brought from the separate waiting area at the back of the exhibition hall to view the goodies and decide on purchase.

The hand-painted figures never fail to turn heads, illicit awe, and yes maybe even ’cause a bit of drool.  Pushead’s HPs along with Mike Sutfin’s HP Bop Dragons seemed to live up to expectations given the collector response.  Among the exclusive figures, Usugrow’s clear blue Rebel Ink was the primary target (apparently limited to 50 pieces).  More pics after the jump.