Amy Sol’s Karmic Magic Installation


Amy Sol is in town working on her front-room installation for her Karmic Magic solo which opens this Friday (6.13) from 7-11 PM @ Thinkspace Gallery. We took a trip down to the sunset junction to check out the work in progress.   As you can see above, Amy’s going 3D for what is basically her first installation.  The topiary-like bear is essentially paper maiche over a partial wire mesh (arms).  Amy’s painstakingly given the bear a dense coat of green and reddish moss. As we left she was getting ready to incorporate beautiful paper butterflies featuring scanned images from her show pieces  and little mushroom sculptures.  More pics after the jump.

Be sure to check out the opening this Friday to see how it turns out and of course to check out all of her paintings (which are great, especially up close).  Of in case you’re interested inthe print, Thinkspace will release Amy’s Kokiri Carousel giclee (Edition of 75 + 5 AP) for $250 starting at 5:30 PM  Friday at the gallery before the opening reception.  Update: No phone or email orders.  In person only.

Thinkspace Art Gallery    
4210 Santa Monica Blvd    
Los Angeles, CA 90029    

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