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Jun 04, 2008

Touma x Monster Hunter

Awhile ago VP released photos and news about Touma's Monster Hunter toys from Capcom. Here is an update showing the  full color painted toys. There are eight different figures including different color ways of the same toy.

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KAWS 4' Grey Companion @ KAWSONE (6.5.08)



KAWSONE will offer the 4' KAWS Grey Companion + a  new selection of merch starting tomorrow -Thursday (6.5.08) @ Noon EDT.  This sale is for domestic U.S. customers only. 

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Show Us Your Munny Volume 2 (6.26.08)

No other figure in recent years has done more for the DIY toy scene than Kidrobot's Munny. Its popularity has spawned an abundance of Munny shows.. Voltage takes their second stab with their Show Us your Munny Volume 2 opening on Thursday, June 26h, 2008 (8 - 2 AM). Scheduled to go into the wee hours of the night (awesome), the show will feature 30 custom Munnys from 30 artists including: Stephanie Babiarz, Brent Clowater, Jimbow, Mike Gilbert, Raine Anderson, Sol Sallee, Peter Ricq, Colin Moore, Nomi Chi, Kimberley Cairns, Jason Pultz, English, Rhys Hastings, Sueme, Dacosta, Nick Roddam. Rhek. Bentone, Alana Rempel, Clio Chiang, Dragonflower, Jeff Denomme, Albert Art, Judson Beaumont, Dave Kite, Mark Atomos Pilon, Amanda Rude, Angela Ling, Amanda Henry, and Mark Jansen.

4346 Main St. (Main & 28th)
Vancouver, BC V5V 3P9 Canada

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N8 Van Dyke's Payday

This Monkey means business. From super illustrator N8 Van Dyke , Upper Playground, & Ningyoushi comes a monkey on a mission -- to secure paper by any means necessary. Check out the sweet preview image above -- love the intensity and the half-mask. Urban Vinyl comes to the 'fore again. The figure seems to be drawn from an illustration featured on N8's Robber Tee from Upper Playground (below). Keep an eye out for a Simian rampage.

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Kaijin's Fulcraim Sweet Monster

In addition to his new Steel Faeries figure, Kaijin will be offering the candylicious Fulcraim Sweet Monster for his Steel Faeries exhibition [6.9 - 6.15] @ Fewmany. We've been fans of Fulcraim since we first introduced him on Proto Monday back in November. In our opinion this is his best figure so far -- we love that it's almost three characters in one from the removable base, to the main figure to the funky bat creature sculpted into the top of the head. This bubble-gum colored version is the sixth production edition and is limited to a total of 80 pieces. From what we've gathered, 40 are available to Japanese customers by way of lottery and 40 are available for overseas purchase. These should go quickly -- all previous editions are sold out.

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Patricio Oliver - Priotcia Levori

Argentinian artist Patricio Oliver recently showed three colorways of his original Priotcia Levori figure at the Buenos Aires Urban Art Festival. Priotcia, Darker Priotcia, and Alex Priotcia were all on display at the show. Clockwork Orange remains super popular -- as the Alex edition shows. From our initial look at this figure, we've been impressed. The next setp for Patricio is to find a company to produce this figure and the related characters (below). Hopefully, careful engineering will enable Patricio to remove the base for the production figures. Click through for more of Priotcia Levori.


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Yoskay Yamamoto's Koibito - Initial Colorways

Having just blogged about a print from Yoskay Yamamoto, let's keep it rolling. Here's a look at the first three colorways of Yoskay Yamamoto's Koibito figure in production from Munky King. From left to right - Project: exclusive (white and silver), standard (red/white), Munky King exclusive (black and gold). From Yoskay's blog, expect an exclusive SDCC colorway as well.

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Yoskay Yamaoto 'Hope and Despair' Giclee @ A Paper Tiger

A Paper Tiger hast just dropped a new Yoskay Yamamoto print of 'Hope and Despair' from his recent sold-out Upside of Down solo at Project: gallery. Limited to just 25 signed and numbered pieces, the print measures 12" x 12" and is available for a very reasonable $100 directly from apapertiger.com. This is an excellent opportunity to start collecting Yoskay's work before his increasing popularity makes doing so more difficult.

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Brent Nolasco Solo Preview - "Love me or Love Me Not"

So by now we all know Brent Nolasco is one talented toy customizer.  Give him a vinyl toy and he'll find a way to make it sing fromhis  subtle use of custom sculpting for effect to his varied painting approaches.  He's made such a name for himself with custom toys that this reputation is starting to eclipse his skills as a painter.   So we're glad to see that he's created several paintings for his Broken Hearts and Stolen Souls solo (6.13.08 @ myplasticheartnyc) in addition to numerous customs, two of which we've previously previewed (upperplayground walrus / Benny and Red Bird).   

So today, we're previewing a painting from the show -- 'Love Me or Love me Not". This is one instance in which brown trumps blue.


210 Forsyth St.
New York, New York 10002

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Jim Woodring Kaijin By Presspop

Presspop had released a photo of the prototype of this insanely designed kaijin family figure by Jim Woodring. If everything comes together, this is going to be a special piece.  We'll be keeping close tabs on its progress on Jim's blog (probably with every other toy collector and artist).

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