Peter Gronquist – The Revolution will Be Fabulous

Peter Gronquist has turned Gallery 1988 into a blinged out armory for his solo, The Revolution will be Fabulous, opening tonight (5.3) from 7 to 10 PM.   Everything is going ‘designer’ these days from toys, ipod covers, stationery, furniture, vibrators you name it…  Add weapons to that list.

Peter’s taken replica or non-operative rifles and chain saws and given them over-the top blinged out treatments complete with well-known fashion monikers. Louis Vuitton Chain Saw, anyone ?  Or what about a  rifle with a faux Takashi Murakami smiling flower pattern.

I supposed we could ramble about art reflecting society but let’s just cut to the chase… Guys love guns and blinged out guns… over the top.  If you want one for your own armory, don’t snooze — these sell quickly.

Gallery 1988
7020 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038