NVC and Tyson Summers – ‘Killer’ Moody Customs

Don’t Cry Over Spilt Vinyl featuring custom versions of the Moody  from Bovinyl is going strong @ Pravus with a scheduled second opening on  Friday May 16th featuring a personal appearance by Moody creator Ted Stilson.  While there are lots of excellent pieces in the show, two ‘killer’ Moodys demand a special spotlight — Bao and Spive’s (NVC) Mad Cowboy (below) and Tyson Summers’ Oderus (above).   Mad Cowboy features the meticuluous custom sculpting and deceptively realistic painting we’ve come to expect from NVC.  For Oderus, Tyson let it all ‘hang out’, literally, with his tribute to GWAR.  It’s over-the-top with no apologies — just like the band.  Click through for more pics of each custom.

Pravus Gallery
501 E. Roosevelt Street
Phoenix, Arizona