Proto Monday >> Dave Pressler’s Angry Clobber Monkey

Today on Proto Monday we’re taking a close look at Dave Pressler’s Angry Clobber Monkey (ACM) coming from Munky King.  First shown at SDCC ’07, Dave has just completed a new hand-painted proto based on his recent  resculpt.  The resculpt was necessary to ensure that the finished vinyl figure would stand a full 8-inches tall after the infamous 10% vinyl ‘shrinkage’. 

In the process, Dave added a sweet surprise detail…  The hatch on the rear of ACM now opens to reveal a little pilot.  This lil’ guy watches over the angry meter and pushes the ‘clobber’ button when the metal one’s temper boils over.  ACM is a  strong design fusing a  personable character with a  tight sculpt bristling with technical details — such as the screws and rivets.  The hidden cockpit with pilot figure push it over the top by revealing an additional aspect of the character’s back story. Props to Dave for being one of the few artists who sculpts his own figures ensuring that the 3D shape is completely true to the initial vision.

While we wait for the figure, Dave has something to help ease the pain. In a first, Munky King is releasing an Angry Clobber Monkey shirt to coincide with today’s Proto Monday feature.  The front mirrors ACM’s own shirt while the back has a nice line sketch of the character.  Click through for more pics of Dave’s  new ACM proto as well as shots of the shirt.