Shawnimals – Plushform #1, DIY Plush

Shawnimals is breaking new fluffy ground with their new Plushform DIY plush figure coming shortly from Squibbles Ink. DIY is no longer just restricted to vinyl.  The first (of several) Plushform figures is based on Shawnimal’s Wee Ninja shape.  The stuffed and sewn all-white plush has a water-based primer on the surface, and it measures 9"x9"x3".  Thanks to the primed surface the Plushform is ready to go with acryics, oil based paints, markers, you name it.   Want to go 3D?  Go for it, sew things on to it or heck sew two or more of ’em together. 

There will be a special pre-release for Plushform at NYCC (4.18 – 4.20)  in booth #1057.  Shawnimals will present a number of custom Plushforms from well-known artists including Jeremiah Ketner, Heidi Kenney, Brian Morris, Joey Potts, Phoneticontrol, Jimbot, & Jordan Owen from OhNoDoom! Following the pre-release, Plushform #1 will drop  sometime this Spring for a suggested retail of $20.