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Mar 27, 2008

Dez Einswell Interview

[Yevgeniy Shukhman recently pried Dez Einswell  away from his hectic schedule to chat about his varied work and upcoming projects.  Enjoy. ]

Yevgeniy: Hi Dez. Please introduce yourself to our readers and why should they be reading about you?

Dez Einswell: My name for the moment is Dez Einswell, I am earth born irrelevant to the map. I am inspired by your viewing pleasure to create daily for your eyes, muscles and brain juices,like carrots, spinach and fish oils.

Y: Dez you've got quite a few mediums you work with such as web design, paint, graffiti, illustration. Which one do you think is your favorite, if there is one and why?

D: Each medium has it's own specific quality.I'm always working on new ideas into the progression of my art and it's forms. My design studio DEZEINHAUS allows me to push the creative to it's full potential. All the mediums compliment each other allowing me to grab and pull,combining each and all styles into one, making it a new form of media.

Y: What was the inspiration behind Slick's personal website you designed which is awesome. Were you flattered  when the page was nominated for a Webby award? Did it change anything for you?

D: We were inspired by a blank crumpled up paper ball and all of the possibilities it had to offer us. Slick's creative vision along with my design experimentation with pushing the limits of the web and it's capabilities for the time allowed the project to become more than just a simple website. It was a good feeling to be nominated for the webby.  In all the 11 years of designing/developing advanced websites this was the first time I was entered in the Webby's.  It was a good pat on the back.

Y: Now let's talk vinyl. STD Toys have put out a few of your toys. Was it challenging to translate your art into the 3d plane and do you have plans to put out more toys?

D: I've always seen my characters as real objects. My first paintings were actually character sculptures on wood paintings. Seeing them in physical form makes it that much better and I know they walk and talk when i'm not looking. That's why I think I'm always misplacing stuff, it's not me it's them, they're messy. "Are you reading this Ms. Einswell"? I will be releasing 2 new costumes for the Doodle Barn Characters along with new characters for the Barn and a series of new mini figures as well.

Y: You've got an art show called  "Destination Unknown" at SURU which opens  in a few days on March 29th.  Besides art, will we see any new toys or maybe a customary collaboration item with SURU?

D: "Destination Unknown" will consist of new paintings, prints and home decor. I have a new series of totem pieces that have never been shown and will be featured for the first time at the show. I'll also have some custom vinyl toys on deck.We'll be releasing a Black and Blue Whyno Colorway Vinyl Toy, that's exclusive to SURU and limited to 25 pieces. There will be two show exclusive t-shirts released for the night that I designed for SURU.

Y: That sounds very interesting. Now last question for you: What is next for DEZEINHAUS  and Dez Einswell an artist?

D: Currently, I have a new artist line of tees under Dez Einswell that can be found at doodlebarn.com along with prints toys and more...For my design studio I'll always be working on the next and pushing for progression within myself therefore translating into the industry. As an artist I am constantly searching for the perfect beat.

Y: Dez thank you so much for taking time to talk to us and best of luck.

[Dez Einswell "Destination Unknown" art show opens at SURU on March 29th at 7 PM. For more information please visit suru-la.com and dezeinswell.com]

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