Emilio Garcia – Jumping Brain

Updated: Run size and pricing info

Spanish web designer and toy collector Emilio Garcia’s Jumping Brain by Lapolab is just fun to stare at…  Simple yet nice details on the undulating gray matter.  It’s 3" of ‘high-definition resin’.  Jumping Brain is still in production (protos shown above) but should be available in a few months in  signed and numbered, limited-edition releases of 120 figures per color for roughly 30-40 euros ($45 – $65) each.  No word yet on whether it will only be sold as an RGB set or individually as well..  Each colorway will be sold individually.  Where’s the CMYK ?  Check out the thread on solosontoys.com for more pics.  Also if you want the very latest scoop, sign up for his mailing list from his site.