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Feb 06, 2008

Closeup: The Vivisect Playset by STRANGEco

The Vivisect Playset series of minifigures, based on the annual art show curated by Luke Chueh for Gallery 1988, officially drops tomorrow from STRANGEco at retailers - Thursday, February 7th 2008.  In anticipation of the release we thought it would be a great time to delve deeper into the series and show you every produced figure (after the jump) including the soon-to-be released artist exclusive figures which are not part of the blind-boxed series per se and will instead be offered directly from their creators. 

First off, a quick run down.  There are fifteen different figures in the blind-boxed Vivisect Playset series: Stella & 'Roo by Pete Gronquist (+ gold/pink SE) Baby-Eating Crocodile by Amanda Visell (+ tan SE) Scurvy Nevil by Greg 'Craola' Simkins (+silver/pink SE) Ledkins by Joe Ledbetter & Greg Simkins, Slugworth by Thomas Han (+GID SE) Clean One by Anthony Ausgang (+ purple/green SE) Mugs Bunny by Luke Chueh (+ sawtooth and three eye SE) and King of the Deadbeets by Joe Ledbetter.

There are also five known artist exclusives -- 3 silver Mugs Bunnys (head sculpts matching those in the series) to be sold by Luke Chueh, a gray King of the Deadbeets to be sold by Joe Ledbetter, and a gray Ledkins to be sold by both Greg Simkins and Joe Ledbetter. The artist exclusives are not included in  the blind-boxed series.  So if you're counting, that's 20 total Vivisect Playset figures (15 of which are in the blind-boxed series).

The Vivisect Playset has been heavily anticipated and it delivers with several of the top painters in the lowbrow/postbrow/pop surrealist/underground art scene (talk about a mouthful...).  Each artist's original figure captures their individual art style.  It's unusual to see a multi-artist minifig series of original (rather than platform) figures -- definitely a welcome format.

In terms of details, the Vivisect Figures  come partially unassembled (except for Slugworth by Thomas Han).  While this was probably done for packaging and shipping considerations, it is satisfying to "build" your toys.  Though, doing an entire set takes a while -- time well spent though.

The Vivisect Playset drops tomorrow, Thursday February 7th, 2008 at your favorite retailer for a suggested retail of $7.99.  Now where are all those pics we promised you ?  Right after the jump -- click through and enjoy.

Baby Eating Crocodile by Amanda Visell (SE on Left)

Ledkins by Greg Simkins and Joe Ledbetter (AE on left)

Musg Bunny Artist Exclusives (silver) by Luke Chueh

King of the Deadbeets by Joe Ledbetter (AE on right)

Scurvy Nevil by Greg 'Craola' Simkins (SE on right)

Clean One by Anthony Ausgang (SE  on Right)

Slugworth by Thomas Han (SE on right)

Stella and 'Roo by Pete Gronquist (SE on right)

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