Winter Vinyl Toy Network this Weekend (12.2.07)

Updated: Corrected the Switcheroo Info

Close out ’07 with a great opportunity to pick up some of this year’s hottest releases and maybe do some holiday shopping for others on our list.  The Winter Vinyl Toy Network (VTN)  show goes down this Sunday (12.2.07) from 10 AM to 5:30 PM.  Free admission for all, this will be the biggest one yet with several premiere releases and a large number of vendors and artists.  Participating artists include Tim Biskup, Chad Carothers, Brian Castleforte, Coop, Luke Feldman, Kerry Horvath,  Frank Kozik, Joe Ledbetter, Christopher Lee, Buff Monster, Plasticgod, Ragnar, Darth Rimmer, Bwana Spoons, Cameron Tiede, Amanda Visell, and Michelle Valigura.

What about the toys?   JLed’s long-awaited Ringo   drops at VTN with  the 3DRetro Exclusive Ringo Bear  Toxic edition (100 pieces) from Wheaty Wheat Studios.  Here’s the deal with Ringo — the first 100 attendees will receive a free VTN goodie bag.  Fifty of these bags will include a Ringo purchase ticket which will allow the holder to purchase a Toxic Ringo at the show.  So a 1 in 2 chance for the right to buy.  That’s 50 Ringos at VTN, the other 50 will be sold online through at a later date.  Joe will be signing from 10 AM to 1:30 PM

Next up, 3DRetro will be offering an exclusive Christmas  Buff Monster 3" figure (200, 100 at the show)  in metallic pink from MINDstyle. Buff will be signing for collectors from 12:30 to 2:30 PM.  His first 3" series went quickly, this special edition should go likewise.

Cardboard Spaceship will release their exclusive War Criminal Edition of  Plasticgod’s Axis of Evil (250 pcs)  from Super Rad Toys.  Featuring George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Saddam Hussein, Kim-Jung Il and Osama Bin-Laden in prison uniforms this set brings political commentary and fun.  Plasticgod will be on hand to sign for fans and collectors from 10:30 to Noon.  Cardboard Spaceship  will also be bringing down their exclusive IWG Cubs — Leia the Baby Blueberry Bear and Noah the Baby Albino Rhino, both from Rocketworld.

Jamungo will release their second Bud of the Month (BOTM) — the Red Dead Che BUD  (200 pcs) from Frank Kozik @ the DKE Toys booth.  DKE will also be offering Frank’s  Red Ho Chi Minh (50 pcs)

In other breaking news, Switcheroo will be selling Frank Kozik’s Smokey plushes at the Munky King booth and showing off the proto of Rainbowsaurus @ the DKE Toys booth.

So if you’re anywhere near Pasadena, come on out for VTN on December 2nd.  Also, if you’re Bear hunting… best to come EARLY. 

Pasadena Convention Center
300 E. Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101