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Sep 10, 2007

Proto Monday >> Golem by Tragnark

For today's Proto Monday we're bringing you a close look at Tragnark's upcoming Golem figure from Kaching Brands.  The Golem is the ancient protector of the King of the Hlin people from the Kingdom of Soledad.  Devastated by the bloody 2nd Lotus Rebellion, the Hlin culture was destroyed and with it any and all recorded traces of the Hlin and  the Golem. Two thousand years after this devastating blow, a group of archaelogists excavating the remains of an ancient city two miles below the water's surface have unwittingly awakened the enormous protector that is the long-forgotten Golem.  As you can see from this vinyl paint master, this one is something special.  Details abound including the nicely sculpted "mouth".  Golem stands 10" high at the horns and is slated to drop for the Holiday '07 Season from Kaching Brands with distribution by DKE Toys.


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