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Aug 21, 2007

Baby Tattooville - Limited Edition Retreat (10.5 - 10.7)

Baby Tattooville  to be held the weekend of Friday, October 5th at the unique Mission Inn (Riverside, CA) will offer a new experience for art collectors -- a 'Limited Edition Retreat'.  Organized by Baby Tattoo Books, Baby Tattooville offers collectors the rare chance to interact with top artists in the underground art scene in a relaxed environment over the course of a specially planned weekend.  The tentative list of featured artists includes Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Gris Grimly, James Jean, Frank Kozik, Ragnar, Tara McPherson, Jeffrey Scott, Jeff Soto, and Amanda Visell

In addition to a full schedule of events, attendees will receive several limited-edition art gifts. Highlights of the events include a personally guided tour of Jeff Soto's studio, and instructional/demo sessions with James Jean, Tara McPherson,and Ragnar.   Many of the events and gifts are linked interactively --    a screen printing with Tara McPherson, artist jam session resulting in a giclee, 'find amanda visell' for a custom doodle, 3D modelling session with Ragnar with a free art object for each attendee. Other highlight exclusive gifts include a  special pre-release Vivisect Playset Minifigure and signed copies of several Baby Tattoo Books (Baseman, Ragnar, and Amanda Visell).  Definitely a cool concept.  Check the tentative event schedule and  the list of limited-edition gifts in the full event brochure (PDF).

Baby Tattooville will be strictly limited to a maximum of 100 attendees.  The fee to attend is $1699 with an early bird rate of $1499 for those that register by September 4th.  The fee includes 2 night accomodations at the Mission Inn, all Baby Tattoville programming, plus various limited-edition art goodies. To register download the registration from from the Baby Tattoovile site.  Be sure to mention that you heard about it on Vinyl Pulse. 

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Really? $1500 to hang with smelly artist. hmmm, i'll pass.

Consider it like cheese, the more it smells, the better it tastes!

Stalking and fandom have reached new lows.

REALLY pathetic.

I agree. Just plain weird all the way around. Major suckfest. I can see if you are doing some type of artist workshops and at least some screen printing is involved but the studio tours and whatnot are very lame.

Actually a way for collectors to actually have more of an opportunity to talk to the artists they collect in a small venue not to mention the bountiful collector's items they receive.

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