Seen: Mister Cartoon – Lost Angel 2.0 Release Extravaganza

In the beautiful SoCal summer sun  SA Studios and Super Rad Toys released Mister Cartoon’s Lost Angel 2.0 figure with one heck of a party celebrating the culture portrayed in his tattoo and custom car art work. Custom lowriders, bikes, and loads of people filled the closed street that runs along the Harley Davidson / Buell dealership venue in Glendale. 

The centerpiece of  the custom vehicle show was without a doubt Cartoon’s masterpiece — his custom airbrushed Ice Cream Truck.  Normally, this labor of love is kept away from prying eyes at his studio.  In fact when we visited a few months ago, it was the only off-limits vehicle in the garage.   So of course we shot picture after picture of this art piece  at the event, though it really needs to be seen in person to be truly appreciated.  The Ice Cream truck is  really several murals blended into one rolling urban gallery.

Mister Cartoon, Diablo (The Lost Angel) and Estevan Oriol signed the new Lost Angel 2.0 figure for fans in front of a large mural painted on the side of the Harley building. Many collectors made the most of the event by having their picture taken with the man.  As the day wore on and the heat started to build, Mister Cartoon Ice Cream was handed out to the crowd (Mochi Ice Cream no less — culture blending at its best).  Ryan, the winner of the Lost Angel art contest created a sweet piece and was rewarded with a personally signed figure.  Another lucky soul won a Lost Angel 2.0 figure in a raffle.

Laid-back partying was the theme of the day with tunes from DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill), celeb sightings, free tacos and hamburgers.  As the
tattoo artist to the stars, Cartoon draws some serious star power
including Danny Trejo (Heat and many more) and Amare Stoudamire (Phoenix Suns).

As if this wasn’t show enough, the live Harley stunt performance by Jason Pullen really put this event over the top.  You’ve seen freestyle bicycle tricks — imagine the same level of flexibility and skill except on a Harley and them amp it up a few notches and you’ve got an idea of what Jason’s all about.  Effortless wheelies, freestyle tricks, handlebar rides, and more.  Oh and talk about laying down rubber — we’re talking a huge cloud of rubber vapor. 

As much as this was a celebration, it was also a farewell party for one of Mister Cartoon’s crew, Frankie Arana, who tragically passed away just a few days ago. Cartoon created a dope custom airbrushed bike in less than a week to honor Frankie.

As art toys crossover into new genres, the status quo for release parties continues to climb.  This one was arguably the biggest and baddest so far.