Seen: Dez Einswell @ X-LARGE LA

Dez Einswell opened his solo exhibition at the Upstairs Gallery in X-LARGE LA last night (7.19.07) to a strong crowd throughout the night.  Dez went all out with a mural on the front window of the store, several wall installations inside, two 20" Dunnys and a "barn" installation complete with bails of hay up in the gallery space.  He filled the gallery with original paintings, a 20" MAD*L, and several prints on fabric. 

The opening also served as the debut release of the brand new X-LARGE x Dez vinyl figure.  Dez took the X-LARGE’s Gorilla mascot and gave it the Doodlebarn treatment.  The Silverback  figure sits on all fours for a menacing look.  Thirty figures were released ($85) at the opening with the full run on the way.  These should be available at the STD booth for SDCC.

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  1. That new fig is looking pretty sweet… and that 20″ Dunny would look pretty nice sittin’ in my house.

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