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Jul 10, 2007

MINDstyle's Conehead by Germs + Giveaway

MINDstyle's upcoming Conehead is  a standout art toy by LA artist Germs.  Germs's self-labeled "Lowbrown" art combines Chicano culture and imagery with a Low Brow aesthetic.  Conehead mixes cultural references with a luchador mask decorated in a stars and stripes motif. Beyond the striking art, Conehead innovates in the area of painting technique. 

MINDstyle took the unusual and innovative step of hand-painting nearly the entire figure so as to best translate the nuances of Germs's work to  vinyl.  The results are stunning -- Conehead  simply does not look like a vinyl figure because of its subtle gradients and textures.  In fact,  assuming the production sample results translate to the production pieces, veteran collectors are likely to have the same "no.... really?!?" moment as I did.   Standard printing techniques used for vinyl (spray masks and pad printing) are best suited for application of flat colors.  These production techniques constrain how art is translated to a figure and also and perhaps more importantly they limit the types of art that can be reasonably represented in vinyl form.  Hand-painting relaxes these constraints and thus potentially makes vinyl figures a realistic possibility for a much wider selection of artists.  This approach has the potential to grow the art toy industry by broadening the artist base and collector base considerably.   

With its striking hand-painted figures including Conehead by Germs, the hightly detailed Brom and The Dark Crystal  figures, MINDstyle is leading the way with next level art toys.  MINDstyle's visionary co-founder Matt Young, creative team and  top calibre artists are pushing technical, artistic and genre boundaries to produce some of the most highly sought after and collectible limited-edition vinyl art toys.  Let the countdown to San Diego Comic Con begin.

Before MINDstyle's Conehead drops at SDCC,  you can  try your luck in our Conehead giveaway.  Simply write a comment to this post for your chance to win.  Be sure to provide your real email address when prompted to do so.  The deadline to enter is Monday, July 16th @ 8 PM PDT.

Giveaway Rules
1. To enter write a comment to this post.
2. Deadline to enter is Monday, July 16th, 2007 @ 8 PM PDT 
3. Duplicate entries will result in disqualification.
4.  One randomly chosen winner will receive a MINDstyle Conehead figure by Germs.
5. Winner must respond to our notification within 72 hours.

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Love this figure! Details are insane.

pick me pick me. lol

Germs, mmmm...


a fantastic piece!!!

Trying again. Hand painted is nice.

very nice love the paint job ,could not have done better myself!!!!

I love coneheads!

dig it!

Nuclear! This would go good with their Maniac vinyl!

These are the kind of Germs i want!

The paintwork is nice!

nice piece of art work!!!! another beautiful piece mindstyle wit the art work of germs.

ANother great contest...congrats in advance to the winner!

Oh hell yeah, I love Conehead. The design is amazing!

Wow! MindStyle is doing it BIG with the release of this piece. What a way to innovate.

woot!! one of these days i'm gonna win something.

i'm a driver and a winner....things are gonna change i can feel it....


oooooohhhhh, that's a big deal.

gotsta get me some.

that thing is beautiful

That figure is awesome

love this one!

oh, I want, I WANT!

nice homies

amazing paint.

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