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Jul 06, 2007

Itokin Park @ TTF 07

An entire display case at One Up's TTF booth is filled with Itokin Park figures -- production and hand-painted vinyl robos, several Kawadoji editions, and tantalizing pictures of their  new upcoming Itokin Park vinyl figure (Crescent moon shaped head).  What really makes TTF special for Itokin Park fans is that he's here -- Kazuhiko Ito was at the booth greeting his fans.  It's the first time we've met him in person -- he's very friendly and humble.  Communicating was slow but hes's patient and eager to talk to fans and collectors.

The hand-painted vinyl robos come in  three basic variants -- light spray fade editions, a  tribal-ish design with one solid color and a black tribal pattern (vine?) running through it, and paint splatter editions. Each of these hand-painted figures are a little less than $100, a very reasonable price IMO.  Also, there's a small black/white photo collage of the new vinyl figure (eta: September/October) which we don't have a clean shot of.  We'll post it soon, also we should have larger individual shots soon. It's nice to see such a talented artist start with doing DIY resin in his house to having his own line of vinyl. Congrats Kazuhiko.

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