10.DEEP x Thunderdog Studios – Murko Vinyl

10.DEEP’s Murko is about to make the leap to vinyl produced by Thunderdog Studios.  First shown during NYCC, Murko stands 5" tall, is injection molded vinyl and  will be available in two colorways at the beginning of July.  The pictured  yellow edition is limited to a very small collector-friendly run of 350 pieces. This is one set of brass you want to say clear of — check those set of razor teeth.

2 Replies to “10.DEEP x Thunderdog Studios – Murko Vinyl”

  1. Out in July? Of what year?..Thunderdog still haven’t finished giving there Mutt members there stuff from the first go round and they going in to there third month of the new renewal…I think they should stay focus one thing at a time..This 10 deep will be around for a long time

  2. Hi Jack!
    You were right! That t-shirt my boyfriend was wearing was going to be turned into a toy.
    You saw us at Chris Lee’s Marsh Mellow release! ^___^

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