The Vader Project @ Stars Wars Celebration IV

Presented by DKE Toys and Masters Replica, the Vader Project features 75 1:1 scale Darth Vader helmets customized by a who’s who of lowbrow, graffiti, and designer toy artists from around the globe.  The touring show wil debut at Star Wars Celebration IV to be held from May 24th through the 28th at the Los Angeles Convention Center

This show is shaping up really nicely.  While we don’t want to ruin the surprise and show you every helmet just quite yet, here’s our show preview (w/several exclusives) of: Andrew Bell,  Axis, Cameron TiedeHuck Gee, Joe HahnMister Cartoon, Niagra, tokidoki and Touma .  Who loves you 😉  Hit back VP for detailed Vader Project coverage on Friday.

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  1. How much for Iron Cross helmet? Classy. Go Lucas.
    How many samurai helmets will be on display? Very creative group of artist.
    Rudoph Hess Jr.

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