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Apr 01, 2007

Seen: MARS-1 - Aerodynamics for Psychonauts

MARS-1 brought his ethereal cosmic landscapes to the East Coast for his  Aerodynamics for Psychonauts solo show which opened this past Saturday @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC.  To my novice eye, this new work seems to mark an evolution from some of MARS-1's earlier works -- the color palette is  brighter and the work seems to incorporate more organic shapes to complement his signature geometric shapes and patterns.  Thanks to delusionalexit2 for the shots of the opening. 

Jonathan LeVine Gallery
529 West 20th Street (9th floor)
New York, NY

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Simply stunning. Thanks for the pictures! Nice nice work, Mario!!

Now this is some great work.

Amazing work mars, simply beautiful.

Hey, i invented this artform.
never used colors though.
mine are cooler anyways, sellout! ;) i just draw out of boredome

still pretty cool though. make em bigger! i'd be too lazy for trying to complete an artwork

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