Seen: I.W.G. Rocketship Launch

Rocket World and STRANGEco launched the newest addition to Patrick Ma’s excellent Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo toy line — the I.W.G. Rocketship, this past Friday (3.9.07) at the impressive Rocket World Gallery in San Francisco.  Our SF correspondent, Kirkland Jue (Toybot Studios), was on the scene and sent back a treasure trove of pics and intel of the festivities. 

In addition to the I.W.G. Rocketship (review), a wide range of I.W.G. figures were shown including the upcoming members of I.W.G. Series 4 and the new Special Ops Packs.  Looking towards the future, Patrick is readying an I.W.G. bear complete with Vespa scooter accessory!  Additionally, he plans to expand his TAD line of tactical gear and apparel. Also, the 2nd set of Covert  Edition (all-black) minis have sold out in anticipation of their delivery from China.

Before we close up this report, we have to comment on the Rocket World Gallery space.  We’ve never had the pleasure of visiting, but from the pics it’s mighty impressive.  In particular, the "floating" clear displays for I.W.G. Series 4 are amazing.  Congrats to Patrick Ma, Rocket World, and STRANGEco on the launch.

Rocket World Gallery
660 22nd Street (at Third)
San Francisco, CA 94107