Seen: Bigfoot – Survival In the Modern World

Bigfoot opened his Survival in the Modern World show this past Saturday (3.24.07) by transforming Corey Helford Gallery into a lush forest of faux trees.  The paintings featured Bigfoot large and slightly smaller in both furious action and contemplative pieces.  The clear standout of the show, a 7 foot tall Bigfoot sculpture carved from a fallen tree, stood watch over the show floor. 

The show runs through April 10th — be sure to browse the available art in the online show catalog.  Thanks to Julie B. of Pretty in Plastic for the pictures of Bigfoot finishing one of the pieces in the gallery.

Corey Helford Gallery
8522 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

4 Replies to “Seen: Bigfoot – Survival In the Modern World”

  1. ohhh my brothaas, this is a sight to see. As big as the sight of a footprint left by the man himself. and speakin of this I only leave the phattest shit every step I stip. Leavin up a big enough footprint to hop in, creatin a sink hole for babylon to dropp in. Heedin the callin? Havent we all been? Hop skitch skoppin? Like bird shit droppin.. its a goin down. Take a look around where ya goin now? All i know is that i know that we only hold it down, and only that I will allow.. Are you a cattle or a cow? a cat or a meow? A catalyst or only half of it? Bust a speak plug blastin it. Savin the flava, are you havin it?

  2. funny.. as I finish that wrote the song ‘footprints’ by Tribe Called Quest switches on.. Leave a bigfoot every step y’all.

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