El Panda Edicion Kozik

Vinyl Pulse X Muttpop.
June 2007.

17 Replies to “El Panda Edicion Kozik”

  1. WOW! This camo edition is a dream come true!
    When can we see the digital camo El Panda?
    Hope all is well in Muttpop land.
    Can’t wait for all the new figures to drop.

  2. I love the new colourway, and Frank Kozik’s work is beautiful, but I think there’s too many now; though this version and the Dragon are some of the best ideas yet!

  3. Too fresh. I love how no matter you all paint a Monster5 sculpt it always looks dope. Ill SKILLZ.
    Peace out.

  4. Muttpop is bullshit. They’re toysrus, not a legit designer toy company. They’ve milked this thing too much, and I’m sick of it.

  5. This thing is pretty neat; I gotta say though – original is the best in my eyes. I got Edicion Anarchista & he’s pretty cool, but I just got tired of looking at it. Original however – awesome. Tequila original – fantastic.
    It’d be great to see Muttpop get back to basics instead of pumping out all these colorways & stuff.

  6. Yeah, I’d rather see the Kung Pao idea come to life than another Kozik version of El Panda.

  7. i have every muttpop figure released except the kozik’s. i’d wish they’d collaborate with someone else, cuz his versions don’t do it for me. i’d be feeling this a hell of a lot more if it didn’t have that stupid anarchy sign on the tshirt. the light green (or what i perceive as light green) on the mask is nice, but this panda would have looked good shirtless

  8. hmm…
    looks just like the COMBO colorways over at vinylcollectables.com
    i,e. Black/Red and Camo.

  9. ugh, I am not going to look at this web site any more. That was the last panda picture I could take.

  10. What’s up guys. We’ve stirred up quite a debate, huh? Thanks for your thoughts.
    Poblano is our last major El Panda colorway. There may be a handful of uber-limited original artist customs…but this is our last factory produced El Panda.
    No plans for a digital Camo El Panda.
    It’s tough balancing on that thin line between too few colorways and too many. To each person that special number is completely different. The design of El Panda is one that many have fallen in love with…so much so, that there have been several colorways inspired by it. When you have so many beautiful ideas coming in, it’s very hard to say no to them all! ūüôā
    We’ve been very careful to pick the best designs for El Panda. We hope that every colorway brings something new to the character.
    I couldn’t find what you are referring to at VinylCollectables…but whatever it is, I’m sure it’s a coincidence. Both Kozik El Pandas were created by Kozik at the same time. That was roughly in January/February of 2006.
    Check back next week to see what else is brewing in the world of Muttpop. ūüôā
    -Muttpop Bob

  11. Ignore the haters Bob. Just means there’s gonna be more for us true believers! Keep em commin’!!!

  12. I love the stuff from Muttpop, got six of them pandas (got my black bean today). But the camo isn¬īt that nice. And while I¬īm at it. It¬īs a shame that the bruce lee panda has that text on his shirt, “I know kung-fu”. Totally ruins the design ūüôĀ It¬īs enough of them pandas. I understand that Muttpop makes easy money on just making a new colorway. And it¬īs all business in the end. But come on. Make some new figures instead.

  13. All I got to say is keep um coming! I’m getting out the “vinyl scene” but I find myself keep on buying Muttpop figures.

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