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Feb 28, 2007

Toy Tokyo @ NYCC

With a full signing schedule, Toy Tokyo was one of the busiest toy booths at NYCC.  While we've previously featured the TT signings by both Erick Scarecrow and Ron English, several other artists signed including Tim Biskup (400% Calli Be@rbrick) and NYC Lase (Motug Destroyer Circus Punk) .

Beyond the toy releases with signings many  other toys made their public debut (or close to it) at the booth.  So here's a quick run-down on some of the brand-new products and protos at the TT booth.

KAWS was seen on the show floor and his new Cat Banks recently released at Original Fake in Japan were nestled safely on the top shelf. 

Super Rad Toys showed off their new Mister Cartoon figure.  Having seen it up close I have to say it turned out beautifully -- the flocked wings are really nice and the tattoo printing is impressive.  Super Rad also had several of the upcoming Ningyos on display including Plasticgod's which has some  impressive printing (concentric circles and such) and is probably our favorite of the series so far.

Big and green was in ;-) The 12" Kow HazMaPo designed by Kow Yokoyama from UNKL was available at the show.  Also, a painted prototype of Daniel Johnston's Jeremiah, the Frog of Innocence produced by At Arms made it to the booth on Saturday.

The ComptiBalls designed by Shultzo and produced by Toy Tokyo were among the most intriguing toys at the booth.  Designed using a completely digital process, the The TigerBall and FrogiBall are composed of two mirror-images creatures that join together to form a wild ball.

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remarkable work. can't wait to see it!

Shultzo's Frogiball and Tigerball are WICKED!
Beautifully designed and masterfuly executed!
I love it!
Who is this mad genius Shultzo!?
Is he German?
When will the next creatures in the series be released?
I heard there are more of them. Where can I see them? Does he have a website where I can see more of his work?

I love Frogiball and Tigerball!
So happy to see something refreshing, new, different and so stylish!
where can i buy it????

I love Frogiball and Tigerball!
So happy to see something refreshing, new, different and so stylish!
where can i buy it????

professional design, intriguing colors!
love it !!!!!
Bravo! wow!

The ComptiBalls was the best in the booth!

when somthing is right, it is amazing - the ComptiBalls are AMAZING ! so much more than what i have seen till now. where do i buy CoptiBalls ???

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