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Feb 27, 2007

Sam Fout @ NYCC

Sam Fout and Moon Toad Productions showed off their upcoming self-produced Project Neptoon figures -- the two Gorillas and the elegantly cute Lemon Lime.  Correcting an oversight in the first Project Neptoon figures, the Gorillas are packing heat as one would expect.  At this point, the hope is to have the gun be an accessory rather than part of the overall sculpt. 

Sam also showed off brand-new limited edition hoodies and jackets featuring ink with suspended glass that glows under direct light as well a lovely golden print. 

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Now, I've met this guy a FEW times in my various Con / Fair experiences, and he's got great stuff... but it's SO hard to care when the guy never cracks a smile and shows ZERO enthusiasm for his stuff. I always just kinda walk away feeling awkward, like he didn't really want me to be there.

Sam, I love ya, but INTERACT or no one will give a damn.

What, seriously? I give full-on happy endings w/ every sketch!

Just kidding; I'm just low-key man. Or perhaps drunk. We all had a blast

Brad... I mean Sam... lol... it was great meeting you at NYCC, I look forward to more of your work. And who said you're not personable? Lies Lies Lies!!!

He is cool toys. He is too constipated looking only.

well there were those javits center pretzels...

seriously; a lot of the toy designers just stop in to sign for an hour. Since it's my company, I work that booth all day. One tends to zone out on too many fat stormtroopers...

Thanks John & to everybody that stopped by, chatted & bought crap. It's greatly appreciated. Shazam, I hope we get to talk sometime.

Thanks again

I like the sculpts, but personally don't like the colors. So, Sam, are you going to release black/grey or GID versions, or do I just buy these ones and paint 'em black myself???

cheers, cool meeting you.
Joe M500

hey joe

There will be at least 5 colorways & variations. There should be something for everyone, & they'll be varied enough that you might wanna build an army..

Fat storm troopers and javitz pretzels sounds like a deadly combination...

Project Neptoon kicks butt....Right on Sam!

Sam is an awesome guy and it was great meeting him. His art is beautiful and love the black & Gold print I bought him.

Hope to meet you again at the next Comic Con Sam.:)


Sam's cute and so are his toys.

It was great meeting you Sam. Thanks for the sweet sketch! I can't wait till the gorillas are released...:D

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