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Feb 23, 2007

NYCC Exclusive MINDstyle Horselingtons Hand-customized by EWOK 5MH

EWOK  hand-sprayed and splattered about 90 of his Horselingtons today at the Showroom NYC for release at NYCC.  I dropped by to shoot these pics as he was finishing up with some last minute paint splatter and boxing up the finished pieces.  The MINDstyle Horselington by EWOK looks even better in person than in photos -- very fresh.  For these special customs, EWOK started with an all-black base  and then sprayed and splattered them with bright colors.  Interestingly, there are several different variations that become apparently when looking at them all together.  Props to EWOK and Lev of Toy Tokyo for letting us bring this to ya. 

25 or so of these  NYCC exclusive custom Horselingtons will be released at Toy Tokyo (booth 126) today (2.23) from 5 to 6PM at EWOK's signing with the remainder available across the three days from MINDstyle (booth 639).  Get in line early, as these are priced to fly at $99.99 with a hand-pulled signed 8x10" print.

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Thank goodness these custom paint-jobs aren't absolute rubbish, that would've been really embarrassing.

Is there any chance these will available outside the US?

These custom paint-jobs are absolute rubbish. How embarrassing.

rubbish? what are you talking about - I dont know that Jackson Pollock could have dripped paint any better. The actual figure is great! but to call these things custom figures is a joke...

Pls, let's not compare this to Jackson Pollock's. Pollock was a genius and at least he didn't look like an "MTV gangsta".

I'm so sick and tired of these fake tough guys.

come man, wanna selling this kinda of things??? even my 5 years old son can done this kinda of work.

come on man, wanna selling this kinda of things??? even my 5 years old son can done this kinda of work.

those look like crap.

Yeah! Look at that! He tagged the MF'in table! Awesome! That's probably why he's got the tablecloth covering his face. To hide his identity from the table! Killer!

YOUR CRAZY! These things are sick!!!!!

I predict the next fad will be dripping candle wax on plush. That will be AWESOME. Really.

I'm diggin' Horselington + this variant I gotta say. In the NYCC version, I think the contrast between the tight sculpt & the loose drips make for a figure that's very fresh. Damn nice homes.

Cheq this one on EWOK's Flicker site:

muy suave

Yeah that link is realy a nice shot. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that the orignal where the idea came from for the comic con versions?

I could see that one having been the prototype for what would become the NYCC version...don't know for sure though.

I got my second off of Ebay and having EWOK do more work on it going back at it a 2nd time. I love this piece! You guys complaining have no clue what your talking about till you see it in person, you will put your shoe in your mouth.

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