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MINDstyle made it’s debut at NYCC ’07 with a large lineup described by Michael Polis, Senior Vice President of the Jim Henson Company,  as "amazing".   The lineup features gifted creators across a wide range of pursuits — Illustration, Graffiti, Comic Books, and Martial Arts to name just a few.    The company’s mission to produce the finest art toys available for discriminating collectors met with early success as Lev, the Owner of Toy Tokyo, remarked that MINDstyle toys sold extremely well at the show.

To that end, the brand presented the NYCC Exclusive MINDstyle Hand-Sprayed Horselington created by NYC Graffiti Artist EWOK 5MH, the NYCC Exclusive MINDstyle Da Minci created by Tim Tsui and the NYCC Exclusive Monkey Boy by comic book star Frank Cho.  While the aesthetics are wildly divergent, all three figures sold out as a result of each artist’s unique vision.

Following on the success of the Monkey Boy figure, MINDstyle showed off
a gorgeous painted proto of Frank Cho’s Jen  seated in a large
white chair.  In addition, unpainted prototypes of the comic
book star’s mini trading figures were on display.

The North Hollywood, California  company  hit close to home with the signing of Los Angeles artists  Cameron Tiede and Buff Monster to create art toys for the label.   Cameron Tiede brings his unmistakable signature style to MINDstyle with several projects including his 13 Friends project.  Production samples of the first four original sculpts in this series were on display at the booth. 

Buff Monster’s work combines street art with fine art
sensibilities. His  three series of toys include  mini trading figures, the mid-size figures shown at the
booth as well as large 10" versions.

MINDstyle provides international appeal with  French artist Skwak  who recently created Wienerschnitzel television spotsHis upcoming MINDstyle Maniac figures presents an impressive vision by translating his frenetic detail-packed art seamlessly into the 3D realm.   

MINDstyle sought out singular visionaries as creative cornerstones. Jim Henson’s creative genius from the Muppets to other childhood favorites is unquestioned.  MINDstyle has licensed several properties from the Jim Henson Company including the previously unreleased Critters property and the cult classic, Dark Crystal.  Prototypes of the first series of Critters mini trading figures were on display at the booth as were incredibly detailed prototypes of the Jim Henson Signature Collection "The Dark Crystal" 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Landstrider and uRacthe Scribe figures.

The  Shaw Brothers Studios produced many of the classic Kung Fu films in Hong Kong including the  classic, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin.  MINDstyle has licensed the Shaw Brothers Studios properties from Celestial Pictures with a range of planned toys.  First up are two 1:6 scale  figures of   Lo Lieh, Star of the classic
Five Fingers of Death,
and martial arts icon Gordon Liu who appeared in both Kill Bill films.

The availability of  Michael Lau’s Seventh Anniversary Crylon set of 7 separate colors (2 figures each) along with MINDstyle’s exclusive black edition was one of the highlights of the booth.  We will have more on Michael Lau and MINDstyle on Friday. 

MINDstyle’s singular focus on art toys is a timely reaction to a changing market.  Their impressive lineup  should prove to be diverse enough to cater to collectors of many different genres and in so doing provide growth.  MINDstyle  distinguishes itself by providing high-end collectibles for the discriminating collector.

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  1. Bout time somebody did something with Dark Crystal. Anxious to see some protos and what MINDstyle will do with the license.

  2. Ah, so its time for fatcat bixman to jump our hobby. I knew this day would come. Sad. I just dont see the copycats factory sculpts and retreads take on what is usually product that an artist and sculptor makes and feels like an honour and a gift to us collectors
    to own now being made buy fat cats. good luck.
    Jonny L.

  3. hey guys,
    i have a new maniac mindstyle toy with a broken propeller – anyone know where I might purchase a new propeller?

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