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Feb 27, 2007

Kaching Brands @ NYCC

Kaching Brands and MINDstyle shared a booth flanked on either side by glass display cases filled with upcoming and current figures.    For NYCC, Kaching Brands built on its public debut at SDCC '06 by releasing several new figures and exclusives while revealing new figures in their ever-expanding lineup of collectible figures.

Kaching Brands offered the NYCC exclusive FLCL Canti designed by Cameron Tiede (100 pieces).  Additionally, Erick Scarecrow's Liberty and two Tristan Eaton FLCL Cantis were released at the show over in Toy Tokyo's booth.

The exclusives while exciting  were just a small fraction of the company's many upcoming figures on display at the booth.  The pre-summer lineup includes several new  Cantis including designs from Brian Morris, Cameron Tiede, Jesse Herandez, and Koa

Speaking of FLCL, collectors were buzzing about the new licesensed MM#5 figure coming from Kaching Brands.  Standing a towering 18" tall, this is one massive figure sure to catch the eye of anime fans and those that can't get enough of 'big' toys.

Two new "trading figure" series were shown at the booth - Sket One's Elementals featuring 8 different sculpts and the dare-to-be different TV Heads featuring Tim Tsui, MAD, Sket One, Toby HK, Mizna Wada, Colorblok, Cameron Tiede, Maxim, Teahair and Skwak.   The TV Heads come with an electrical outlet style base which allows the figures to be plugged directly into the base or mounted in a "floating" fashion through an "electric cord" which acts as a support.

Rounding out the previously unshown products, are Tim Tsui's crossover edition of Colorblok's Mono figure and  two artist edition Fourcube figures from MAD and Sket One.  Since entering the  market last year, Kaching Brands has  established itself as a major player with a lineup that mixes original artist projects with licensed projects featuring artist crossovers.

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