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Dec 02, 2006

Trexi Series 3 Revealed

The judging of submissions for Trexi 3 has been completed and the 18 regular figures have been revealed.  Judged by a panel of designers,  media representatives (including VP ;-), Trexi distributors and retailers, Trexi collectors and Play Imaginative --  this lineup looks quite strong.  There's a good mix of artists -- both fairly well-known and upcoming.   The designs range from very cute to fairly sublime which is definitely welcome IMO.  Also, most of these artists have never done a Trexi before -- fresh ideas to move things forward ;-) The full series will be released by Play Imaginative in February/March of '07 and include 25 total designs -- 18 regular figures plus 5 rare figures (1/50) and 2 super-rare (1/100).  Props to all of the selected artists!

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"very colourfull and fresh these new trexis look"- yoda

Brian taylor and DGPH stand out...

nice series

cant wait to see the printed samples

It's a great looking series, I'm a more than regular Vinyl Pulse reader so it's a frikkin' thrill too see my own doodle sneak into this series and appear here! Obviously looking forward to the release.

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