Seen: Out of Vogue (12.02.06)

Out of Vogue featuring 40+ Custom Circus Punks and 5 limited edition (20 each) show exclusive 15" Punks opened this past Saturday @ mixi-bang! Curated by Amy Duran the show featured a good range of artists and utilized every punk size from the mini punks and the 15" punks to the large 30" giants.

A good sized crowd lined up for both the Bispop Holiday Party (pics coming soon) and the CP show (same line). Raffle tickets were passed out to the first 100 in line and everyone with an odd numbered ticket went home with a CP goodie bag which came in a large black document bag silk screened with the CP logo.  What was in those goodie bags?  Stickers, postcards, and from the few people I talked to — either a mini CP or a CP shirt.   Apparently, the first person in line came away with a few 15" Punks as well!

To the customs… There were alot of sweet pieces.  So I’ll just stick to the one that impressed me the most — Brent Nolasco turned in a set of two yellow mash-up mechanical punks — one a "pilot" in robotic gear and the other a companion vehicle.  Brent’s done some amazing customs in the past but this seems like a departure from his previous work which featured his painting skills rather than kit bash chops.  We like 😉

Lots and lots of artists made