Seen: Bispop Holiday Party (12.2.06)

Tim Biskup threw his annual Bispop Holiday Party at his Bispop Gallery this past Saturday (12.2.06).  Several items were available at the show including the release of the Mutation on the Bounty giclee on canvas print, the Hot and Cold Pollard Set featuring 2 Big  Pollards –  opaque  turquoise and opaque vermillion, the LA colorway of the Town Crier Qee, several hand-painted customs including several beautiful Pollards — a few with small Pollards inside their bellies.   

Also, prototypes of Tim’s new Tankizaado kaiju  figure from Wonderwall were on display. The two halves of the figure do not separate but do rotate about each other.  In our opinion, this is one of the best figures from Wonderwall’s Kaiju for Growups Series. Be sure to click through to the full post to check out all the pics.

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