Kay of Cryogenic Labz went cute with the plush Emoteeglobes and is set to go darker with his upcoming urban Sneakahood Brand. Sneakahood figures feature interchangeable Sneakaz that can be swapped between each other. Cryogenic Labs is considering releasing both Accessory and DIY blank Sneakaz enabling collectors to focus on the Sneakaz if they’d like.

Azazel, a hip goat-demon lord with hot kicks,  will be the  first Sneakahood figure in the debut Sneakafiendz sub-brand. The recently completed first prototype shown here is set for several revisions including  a change in horns, beefier leg joints, refined print positioning, improved joint quality and
overall improvements in paint and finish.   Azazel will be limited to 500 blind-boxed pieces which will feature a gray chase colorway. In addition, fifty blanks will be produced exclusively for the upcoming, The Devil Wears Sneakaz, custom show slated for ’07.   Several artists have been selected and Cryogenic Labz is  looking for talented artists to customize Azazel.

4 Replies to “Sneakafiendz”

  1. Not feeling this at all, the stance is horribly rigid, especially the arms. The articulate points are really obvious, doesn’t even look like they tried to hide them in the design. And those feet are too big, i love playing with proportions of things but that’s just ridiculas. Also where’s the tail?

  2. I think the idea of the oversize sneakers will allow for a variety of interesting designs and I really like the idea of being able to interchange the Sneakaz. The ‘fiendz’ face is really cool and menacing. Excellent sculpt Kay! Can’t wait to get my hands on one!!!

  3. Why would anyone even want such a horrid monstrosity in their house? Demons, skulls, sneakers — again?

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