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Nov 03, 2006


November 3, 2006

Complete shots of the Kozik Operatives have finally been revealed!!! In the 40 years that we have studied the Kozik Operatives this is the first time that we have been able to capture a complete view of a “Comandantes Rojo”.

How did we do it? Well, the US Super Covert Rotocast Intelligence Agency has just activated a fully operational satellite camera. Upon the discovery of a Kozik Operative’s coordinates in Los Angeles, California, we were able to use the satellite camera’s high tech 7.1 megapixel capabilities to snap photos of both the front and back of the Operative.

Double agents have informed us that store.vinylpulse.com will be selling Kozik Operatives for a limited time beginning Friday, November 10th at 11:00am for a special price of $70.00 (plus shipping & handling). This will be the last time for loyalists to purchase the “Kozik El Panda” in 2006. We have confirmation that 500 Kozik El Pandas are in existence.

: Operative MPB

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This is a cool figure. I bought one and got it signed By Kozik.

This man't gonna look good next to Red Demon. Red Demon!

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