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Nov 27, 2006

New BUD Variants: Atomic and Flame

Ferg and Vanbeater have exciting things planned for Jamungo's BUD minifigs.  Here's a look at unpainted versions of two new BUD variants -- Atomic and Flame.  The Flame is pretty sweet -- note the smaller inner shape. Both new variants will make their debut as part of the BUD of the Month Club (details to follow) can't wait to see what's next from Jamungo.

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BUD Flame 9" it's over! and maybe glow in the dark!!! O_o;

That flame head is a HOT looking piece!

That flame is just insane.
I didn'think they could top the nade but wow!

KILLER FLAME HEAD. Love the clear. I am sure red-gel looking clear would be killer.

Whoaaa......These new variants of BUD are just the bomb!!!!

Nice work Ferg and Van.....!!!!

too hot, way to go to the next level with your design!


cant wait to see more

bud of the month club???

Sweet usage of transparency! Great work guys..

The flame is so nice! great concept and execution!

Love the flame! I could totally see hitting it with some candy colors to really make it glow! Gotta have it.

the flame would is the perfect platform for some sick customs...

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