Yoshii Hand-Made Figures (11.03.06)

We previously reported on Hiroshi Yoshii’s  plans to create
hand-made figures based on his colorful 2.5D illustrations. It’s now on 😉  He emailed
us today to announce that three of his character figures (20 of each were made) will go on sale on November 3rd in Japan.  Hiroshi has been documenting the whole process on his blog — check out the archive for a motherlode of development pics.

Kumacco  stands 7cm
(2.75 inches) high and will sell for 3390 yen (~ $34.00).  The
multi-eyed Roppon-Guy is also 7cm high (2.75 inches) and retails for
7140 yen (~ $61.00).  Measuring 8 cm high (3.15 inches), Blink has his
eye on you and can be yours for 5040 yen (~ $43.00).  Each of these three hand-made figures will are available (pre-order) at both One-Up and Splash and Sammy.  I’m not sure if Splash and Sammy accepts overseas orders, but One Up does, to order email them with a list of items and your location.   If you want to pick these up, don’t delay — hand-made toys are rare, and those done by the creator of the character are even harder to come by.

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  1. This is totally inspirational! Anyone who wants to do things on the DIY tip, check out his stuff. The production pics will blow you away. Dehara, Intokin Park, and now Hiroshi Yoshii (not to mention US-based Chris Ryniak and Mike Burnett) all doing it on their own. Gotta love it.

  2. YES! Yoshii is so awesome and his DIY has got me so inspired.
    I just got my Kumacco from S&S today!! IT RULES!!!!
    Good job Yoshii~!

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